The function of the Risk Management Department is to help the Sweetwater Union High School District in the prevention of accidental or unintended losses and to minimize the financial impact when losses occur. When losses are prevented and reduced, districts have more money and resources for the classroom.


Main: (619) 407-4900

Fax: (619) 407-4901

Email: riskmanagement@sweetwaterschools.org

Jennifer Benavides
Director of Risk Management
Email:  Jennifer.Benavides@sweetwaterschools.org

Vanessa Perez
Senior Administrative Assistant
Email: Vanessa.Perez@sweetwaterschools.org

Debbie Gallo
Risk Management Specialist
Email: Deborah.Gallo@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 407-4993

The following are some of the areas covered by

Risk Management:

  • Loss Control

  • Workers Compensation

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Injury Illness Prevention Committee

  • Certificates of Insurance

  • Student Accident Insurance

  • Personal, Property and General Liability claims

Loss Control
District staff works directly with sites and departments in identifying risks and correcting conditions that may pose a potential for injury or loss.

Worker’s Compensation
Through combined district effort we focus on providing a safe work environment for all employees. If you should suffer a work injury, you should report it to your supervisor immediately. If you require medical attention, beyond first aid, you will be referred to one of several approved medical centers for treatment and care.  If you have any questions or concerns you may contact our office directly.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
The district endeavors to provide equal access to all of its programs, services, and activities. If you need special assistance, accommodations, or other modifications to participate in any of the District’s programs, services, activities, or public meetings, please contact the school or the District’s ADA coordinator.

Injury Illness Prevention Committee
Each school has an Injury Illness Prevention Coordinator, usually an Assistant Principal, who meets monthly with site personnel to review accidents, identify any hazards, review training and suggestions. Additionally, the district Injury Illness Prevention Committee meets monthly and is represented by all bargaining units, a High School, Jr./Middle and Adult School Principal and various directors.

Both the school and District committees discuss issues pertaining to staff, student and public safety, such as hazardous conditions or practices, accidents, and injuries, property and liability concerns or any other matter that may be brought forward in these areas.


  • Safe Work Practices
  • Training
  • Awareness
  • Results and Recognition

Certificates of Insurance (COI)
To request a certificate of insurance, or if you have any questions regarding the District’s minimum insurance requirements for a contract/agreement you or your insured wish to enter into please contact Debbie Gallo.  Please request all Certificates of Insurance (COI) at least a week in advance by filling out the: Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Personal, Property and General Liability
Claims against the district in these areas must be filed through this office. The district works diligently in investigation and reduction of losses in these areas to ensure that funds are not unnecessarily diverted away from student education.